I am a gun owner and grew up shooting guns since my Boy Scout days. I am comfortable carrying, handling and shooting a gun. I know how they work and how to maintain them. Now, I’m in my 50’s and most of my friends, and the people I work with, have never fired or even held a gun. And some of them are downright paralyzingly terrified of guns. Some would say it’s an irrational fear brought on by the media sensationalizing gun violence, etc. But I personally think that, if they are truly gun-illiterate, it’s really just good survival instincts to steer clear of something you don’t understand that you know could kill you.

FirearmDisposal.com was created as a service to people who don’t know about guns and don’t really care to ever know about guns, yet find themselves in possession of a gun from an inheritance or other circumstance. They just want to get rid of the gun and don’t want to be lectured about learning how to use a gun, protecting themselves, their 2nd amendment rights, yada, yada, yada. They just want to dispose of the gun.

Historically, the options for gun disposal haven’t been easy or attractive. You could have it melted down or shredded, both methods requiring some special equipment and most likely a fee. You could throw it in a lake, river or ocean but you could never be 100% sure it did not get retrieved and is now in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have a gun. You could take it to a gun store to try to sell it but people who don’t know guns, typically don’t know or like gun shops and probably aren’t too keen on driving to the gun shop with a gun in their car. And in some states, just driving to the gun shop with the firearm would be committing a crime. Let’s face it, for people who never wanted a gun in the first place, it’s just a lot of work and worry, with no easy solution. Until now.

FirearmDisposal.com pairs up people who want to rid themselves of a firearm with licensed firearm professionals in their area that can receive the firearm and process the paperwork. And this can happen all in the safety of your own home.