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What is Firearm Disposal?

Finally, the confusing problem of getting rid of guns legally and safely is solved.  We realize not everyone is comfortable with guns, and some people don't even want to touch them. On the other hand, there are people who work safely with guns every day. connects those two groups together to solve the problem of getting rid of unwanted firearms easily and legally.

Created specifically for non-gun people was created to solve a problem for people who don’t know about guns and don’t really care to know about guns, yet find themselves in possession of a gun from an inheritance or other circumstance. They just want to get rid of the gun. They don’t want to be lectured about learning how to use a gun, protecting themselves, their 2nd amendment rights, etc. They just want to dispose of the gun once and for all. pairs up people who want to rid themselves of a gun with licensed firearm professionals in their area, who can receive the firearm and process the paperwork. All in the privacy and safety of your own home, at no charge.  In short, it’s the perfect solution to an all-too-common problem.

The Easiest and Most Comprehensive Solution

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Historically, the options for gun disposal haven’t been easy or attractive. You could have it melted down or shredded.  Both methods requiring some special equipment, and most likely a fee. You could throw it in a lake, river or ocean but you could never be 100% sure it did not get retrieved and is now in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have a gun. You could take it to a gun store to try to sell it but people who don’t know guns, typically don’t know or like gun shops and probably aren’t too keen on driving to the gun shop with a gun in their car. And in some states, just driving to the gun shop with the firearm would be committing a crime. Let’s face it, for people who never wanted a gun in the first place, it’s just a lot of unnecessary work and worry.

Nationwide Network

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We’ve already done all the work for you.  By building our nation-wide network, we’ve saved you hours of phone calls and emails trying to find someone in your area to solve this problem.  Enter your contact info and zip code below and you’ll be connected with the right person for the job in your neck of the woods.

Licensed Professionals

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Based on your zip code, you’ll be connected with someone from our nationwide network of licensed firearm dealers and/or law enforcement professionals to arrange for pick up of the gun(s) you want removed.  All associates have a Federal Firearms License, or FFL,  and, as such, have had extensive background checks.  And they are the only person to whom you will be giving any firearm information.

Get Paid for the Guns

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In 70% of cases you will be paid for the gun.

Legally Processed

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The firearm will be immediately transferred out of your name absolving you of any future responsibility.

I had no idea the feeling of peace of mind getting rid of my dad’s old guns would bring me.  I tried to keep them for dad’s memory, but they worried me.  I honestly feel much better with them gone.

Audry P.


We’ve got you covered


We understand that you may not want to handle or travel with a firearm.  A licensed and insured firearms expert will come to your location and safely remove the firearm.


No need to leave your home. Firearms will be picked up at the location of your choosing.



The firearm will be immediately transferred out of your name absolving you of any future responsibility.


Most guns are picked up within 7 days.


There is no charge for the house call and in 95% cases you will be paid for the gun(s).

I took a job in NYC, so my firearms had to go.  3 days after I contacted my guns were safely out of my hands and out of my name.

Jim S.

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